The bodyguard of your business

In COYFER, we carefully analyze the possible consequences to third parties of each business activity, and establish the necessary guarantees so that in the event of loss, it is always covered by the coverage of the policy.

  • Civil liability for companies: We study the coverage that your field of ​​activity needs in all its areas, and we offer you the most competitive options of coverage for the exploitation, employer and product, and the specific ones such as, Union and Mix, Withdrawal of Product or Pollution.
  • Civil liability for directors and managers.
  • Civil liability for builders and developers: With specific coverage for any type of construction work.
  • Ten-year guarantee: In order to comply with the Law of Building Regulation, it must be contracted prior to the completion of the work.
  • Legal defense of companies: Through a legal adviser we take care of defending the interests of your company and speed up new agreements and legal procedures.
  • Civil liability for town halls and public institutions.
  • Professional Civil Liability: coverage for the claims caused by errors and neglect committed during the development of the professional activity.